Joyce MacFarlane

I’m  a Toronto writer and interior design consultant who is looking to share stories about creative Canadians who inspire me. I’ve written about design for The Toronto Star, The National Post, Toronto Life magazine and Canadian Home and Country magazine.

There are many bright lights on the Canadian design landscape and I think it’s time to spread the word about their talents.  Canadianoriginals will introduce you to interesting people you should know about. I want to be a champion for original thought, creativity and those who have chosen this path. Please join me on this new adventure.


14 thoughts on “ABOUT ME”

  1. Felicia Baker-Carr said:

    Wow girl! This looks great. Congratulations!

  2. Wendy Tattle said:

    Fabulous! Looking forward to watching your blog grow and prosper!

  3. Julie Mitchell said:

    Nicely done! A “must” bookmark!

  4. Patti Forster said:

    I must admit that I am a blog virgin.
    Wow…who knew that I had such a talented friend!! Thanks Joyce for the introduction to a brand new world!


  5. Irene Grant said:

    Very well done – enjoyed reading all your interesting and informative articles. Wishing you much success !

  6. Bill Harris said:

    What a talent. I marvel at your ability to multi task.
    All the best for you in the years to come.

  7. Shari Elson said:

    Joyce, this is fantastic. I am so happy that you are doing this. It is all so well written, and very informative. I look forward to watching, reading, learning, and being inspired.

  8. Roberta Cesar said:

    Really enjoyed reading the articles and seeing all of the different colour combinations!
    Congratulations on a job well done!

  9. Ellen Vanstone said:

    Joyce, this is brilliant. I’m glad to see you finally have a forum to show off your considerable talents (and energy!). Your blog is not only beautifully designed and deftly written — it’s jampacked with high-calibre content! Please keep it coming…

  10. Congratulations Joyce! What a beautiful site, filled with such intelligence and beauty, just like its creator. We will learn so much by following your blog. Thanks for sharing your creative gifts and insights. Sign me up, please!


  11. Kim Drummond Dlouhy said:

    What a fantastic idea to showcase original Canadian talent – will definitely bookmark this and check in regularly. I enjoyed your recent post on Felicia Norris Bartlett – I have been a fan of her work for years. I look forward to upcoming features on other Canadian
    artists and designers.
    Kim Drummond

  12. Lee Mackenzie said:

    I am so enjoying the format, the sincerity and the originality of your blog! It is a pleasure to read about local talent from a talent herself, who is more than qualified to judge. Looking forward to many more insightful and fun discoveries from you!

    Lee Mackenzie

  13. Hi, Thank you for featuring my photographs!
    It is great to see the work you are doing here!

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