It’s always inspiring to see someone live life on their own terms.  Martha Sturdy is doing just that. She’s a versatile sculptor and artist who over a 30 year career has made everything from resin jewellery to home accessories and sculptural club chairs.

One of Martha Sturdy’s resin on steel paintings

Imagine earning a healthy living (she has a handful of stunning homes!) from the things you love to do most. I don’t know Martha, but I can’t help admiring the way she’s always pushing the boundaries of her art. Her works are getting larger, and her life richer with each new project. She’s well into her sixties and she seems unstoppable. I did a post on her earlier this year which you can read here: http://canadianoriginals.net/2011/01/10/fearless-and-original-martha-sturdy/

Martha recently debuted her sculptural series “Reflections” in Tokyo Japan. Her brand of western modernism fuses well with Japanese design. The salvaged cedar used for the series was hand selected by Martha, split, charred and sanded to create the velvet like texture. Apparently the finished pieces reach heights of up to thirteen feet once erected in their steel bases. They have an appealing tactile quality that makes you want to reach out and touch them. (How many grandmothers look this chic in boots?)

It must have been quite an undertaking transporting these impressive sculptures. The forest surrounding her home in Pemberton BC inspired the series. I’d love to see what these pieces look like installed in a loft or office.

Martha at her farm in Pemberton BC

“Reflections” was featured at two design shows: Tokyo Design Week and Bamboo Expo and the art gallery Orie. Martha, who has returned to her artistic roots in sculpture over the past 10 years, also had an exhibit called Autumn and Winter which included 24 painted works of art.

She says, “I want to deliver an experience: to draw you in to interact with the sculptures, to see their undulating shape and feel their satin texture.” To learn more about Martha’s work, check out her website here.  If you’re curious about Martha’s cottage, you can read about it in a post I wrote here:  http://canadianoriginals.net/2011/09/05/martha-sturdys-cottage-its-all-about-the-view/   Photos courtesy of Martha Sturdy Inc.