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It’s hard to find a designer who doesn’t love white. I’ve often dreamed of a rustic beachfront cottage drenched in white from top to bottom. The reality is, with three kids and a large hairy dog (who is also white), there’s a good chance I’ll never have that pristine space – but it’s still fun to think about it. One of my favourite Canadian design blogs is written by Patricia Gray, an award-winning interior designer in Vancouver. She says, “painting a room white can make it have surprising depth. When I design an all-white room, I use several different shades of white to bring out the architectural details, or I layer the space with strong forms in different tones and textures of white and then use some strong colour contrasts to outline and bring the white into focus.”

Paul Schibli – Peony II, oil on canvas – Canvas Gallery

Photography by Angus FergussonCanadian House and Home August 2009

Designer Martha Sturdy’s luminous white club chair and chandelier.

White and black are a natural together. Daniel Turner – Dalmation Profile IV – Art Interiors

Black grounds this textured white space. Photography Michael Graydon. July 2010 Canadian House and Home.

Interior designer Viki Mansell is a master at mixing neutrals. She loves white. In the window of her store Absolutely (she actually has two stores with the same name – a few blocks apart) on Yonge Street in Toronto, she shows us how versatile white can be.

White is also a showstopper in nature.

White hydrangea at the cottage. I love to see these showy blooms re-appear each summer.

Here’s our white golden retriever Jordy. I find her so beautiful in a natural setting.

There’s nothing like a good swim in the lake.

Hmm, a bit too cold.

Sometimes white is simply a perfect backdrop for colour. I love the bohemian vibe in this rustic cottage bunkie. Photography by Stacey Brandford. July 2010 Canadian House and Home.

A beautiful white vignette in my good friend interior designer Elle Jungkind’s home.

Check out her work in the latest issue of Style at Home magazine – Designer Secrets. You can read my December 2010 post on Elle here.

I recently discovered the beautiful white porcelain creations of Quebec artist Louise Bousquet.  Louise has been a potter for over 30 years. Her love of white, she calls it her “quest for whiteness,” eventually took her to Limoges France to learn the art of making fine porcelain. In 2002, she launched Porcelaines Bousquet with a gorgeous collection of dishes, lighting and tabletop creations. Check out her work here.

Tom Horbett – Orchid detail – Art Interiors

White on White – Dean West – Un(Blanc) – Art Interiors

What a relaxing space — designed by Jenn Cranston. Photography by Angus Fergusson. House and Home magazine

Love the white floors. Photography by Paul Massey. Canadian House and Home.

The perfect white house — for a bird! By artist Richard Brightling.

Our cottage is a work in progress, but it’s hard to find a more relaxing place. For me, white walls and a few hits of turquoise are a compelling combo.

Give white a try. I’d love to see what you come up with.