The perfect frame plays a supporting role. It never hogs the limelight. Montreal artist France Goneau  knows this. She’s a master at showcasing her work. France uses acrylic shadow boxes to highlight her contemporary ceramic art.  When she noticed me admiring her work, France smiled and whispered, as if she was sharing a secret, “I have a very good framer.”


 France’s unique approach to her art features a beautiful selection of colours, textures and patterns.  She has a degree in Visual Arts from L’Universite du Quebec in Montreal and did a three-month residency last year in Japan. She is a finalist for the grand prize at the International Ceramics Festival —  held later this year in Mino Japan Take a look at her award-winning creations.

The simplicity of the acrylic frames allows her work to shine.

France is a master at combining different textures.

Take a look at the details.

Have you ever considered an acrylic frame to highlight a piece of art?  To see more of France’s work, check out her website here.