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There’s nothing like a trip to the Caribbean to appreciate the natural beauty of turquoise.  I love the ever-changing shades of blue in the ocean. As your eye travels from the shore to the horizon, the scene resembles a beautiful abstract painting.  Blues can be tricky to mix when decorating a home, yet they work together so beautifully in nature.

After a long winter in Toronto, escaping the cold was such a wonderful way to ease into spring. This year we were lucky to have two of our three kids with us (missed you G!). It’s been awhile since we’ve been to Grand Cayman though it’s always been a favourite. A few steps from the condo we rented was a stretch of the ocean so pristine that it was like swimming in an enormous salt-water pool. The sandy bottom was free of rocks and seaweed and the water so clear it was breathtaking. We will surely miss the beauty of it all. 

Our secret slice of Seven Mile Beach


Walking along the beach, it’s fascinating to see how well colours work together in their natural setting.

I love the way the grey rocks look against the sand and turquoise water.

The aquamarine ocean water creates such beautiful patterns.

Rustic vegetation adds just the right touch to the Caribbean landscape.

Texture everywhere you look. 


I found it! My beachfront dream home in the West Bay. 


 Even the roof is perfect! I would take such good care of this place!


An inviting path to the water. This one is beside a charming restaurant called Alfresco. 

These flowers grow along the sand in front of the Governor’s House

 The subtle beauty of the beach.


 We didn’t stay here, but sure do love the design.


Sometimes it’s the small details that catch your eye.



Until we meet again!

photos by canadianoriginals