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Black and white interiors can be magical. This classic combination is always powerful though sometimes so graphic, it’s hard to live with. Whether you like the pure white and jet black of the Mary Quant era, or a layering of warmer whites and soft blacks – some of the best rooms I’ve seen have been created by Canadians. Take a look at  these stunning images. 

The talented Christine Ralphs, co-owner of Lloyd Ralphs Design is known for dressing head-to-toe in black and white. Her living room reflects her skill at mixing textures and design styles. Her latest home is featured in the March issue of Canadian House and Home magazine.

Christine used many of the same pieces in a former home.

This gallery wall in Christine’s home is one of my all-time favourites. The metal sculpture really adds to its dynamic feel.

Another view of this sophisticated room. 

Here’s the same table, chairs and lamps in a former home. Equally charming.

The chic black and white kitchen in Christine’s former house.

Similar but different – the kitchen in Christine’s current home.

Who says you can’t mix metals?


Christine worked with the architecture of the room to create this clever display of black and white photos.

The building itself is simple. It’s the styling and furniture choices that make it so inviting.

The black window frames really work here.

 Christine and business partner Michelle Lloyd were both vice-presidents at Club Monaco. They designed this home for Cityline lifestyle expert Lisa Rogers.

Inside Gee Beauty – one of Lloyd Ralphs Design’s commercial clients.

Gee Beauty’s luxe design.

Susie Sheffman, fashion director of Fashion magazine created this vignette in her home.

Susie Sheffman’s fashion forward living room.

Designer Sharon Mimran is a master at mixing black and white. This is the dining room in her current home.

Creating black and white interiors takes restraint and a keen eye for balance — mixing styles, textures, eras, tones and finishes. When it’s done right, it’s not only chic. It’s timeless. 

Images courtesy of Canadian House and Home and the following photographers: Michael Aberstat, Stacey Brandford, James Tse and George Whiteside.