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I love birch trees. I know I’m not alone. Artists have been enchanted by them for over a century. Their shape, texture and colour have a graceful elegance that captivates us regardless of the season. Backlit outside a city house, in a cluster along the roadside or just standing tall in the forest – the birch is the supermodel of trees – slender, beautiful and high maintenance. 


This oil on canvas is one of my favourites. Legendary Canadian artist Tom Thomson captured the magic in this timeless painting – In the Northland – 1915 Nature and trees were integral to Tom Thomson’s work. His untimely death in Algonquin Park in 1917, cut short a promising career. Roy MacGregor’s book Northern Light – The Enduring Mystery of Tom Thomson and the Woman Who Loved Him, is a fascinating read.

 Lawren Harris, a Group of Seven artist, created Birch Tree in 1916

Another Group of Seven artist, A.J. Casson, created the aptly named landscape, Cool Weather

Modern Day interpretations are equally appealing 

B.C. artist Robert Genn’s acrylic painting Hade’s Passage, Lake of the Woods Mayberry Fine Art

Robert Genn’s oil on canvas, October East Allie Island Mayberry Fine Art

Louise Richardson’s Early Snow Canvas Gallery

Rita Vindedzis’ Bright Day from her Birch Series – Art Interiors 

Susan Seidman – Silver Birch by Moonlight Mapleseed Gallery

Stephen Gillberry – Scarlett Dawn, acrylic on canvas Canvas Gallery

Many lesser known emerging artists also offer their prints on etsy

 B.C artist Suzanne McLean  –  Fall Birches (above) –  Dream Gallery

 Ontario artist Kailey Hawthorn Studio K (below) –  Fall Birches

Priss Design creates a minimalist silhouette that also makes a striking print



Sometimes it’s a simple interpretation that wins us over. I love the whimsical feel of this painting, which was posted by an Ohio Elementary School Art Teacher, on her clever blog Paintedpaper.  This is one of her young student’s creations.

Do you have any favourite paintings of birch trees? I’d love to hear your comments.