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When you combine eye-catching design with an item you can actually use –it’s something special. The work of these four designers is worthy of the spotlight. They’ve taken familiar items and reinvented them with beautiful results.

DESIGNERS/ARTISANS:  Loyal Loot collective

For designers Doha Chebib, Carmen Douville, Dara Humniski and Anna Thomas, forming an artists’ collective in 2004 was a natural thing to do. They met in the Industrial Design program at the University of Alberta and decided their talents and interests were a fit. Aside from being friends, they also shared a love of the outdoors and wanted to incorporate it into their designs. It’s clearly working out for the Edmonton-based designers as their creations have been exhibited in London, Milan, New York, Toronto and Stockholm.

The four designers, who work individually and collaboratively,  share a desire to create objects that will last and be valued for years to come. Loyal Loot Collective isn’t content to simply produce beautiful art pieces, its furniture and accessories have to be useful as well.

The vibrant log bowls designed by Doha Chebib are crafted from recycled logs and finished with water based paint and a high gloss finish. They come in various sizes from 2 – 10″ in diameter and can be used as bowls or serving containers.  The trees are hand selected, gathered, turned and finished by the collective and local craftspeople. I love the contrast of the rustic bark and the brilliant high gloss finish. Very clever.

Standard hooks can damage your clothes.  Anna Thomas came up with an inventive solution. She calls it Monsieur DressUp. It’s designed to use anywhere in your home where you want to hang a jacket, shirt or scarf. It also looks appealing as wall sculpture when you’re not using it. Monsieur DressUp is made of maple and manages to achieve just the right balance between organic and modern design.

For heavier items, Loyal Loot Collective offers up the Coat Hang –– designed by Dara Humniski. It’s made of baltic birch, plywood and veneer. Reminiscent of the way an axe hits a piece of kindling wood, this piece has no hardware – it’s held up by friction points on the wall and floor. Again, perfectly simple and ingenious

If you want to know more about Loyal Loot Collective, check out the group’s website here. Photos courtesy of  Loyal Loot Collective.